If you have your own IRC client the server we use is irc.cuckoo.com and the channel is #techbytes
If you don’t have your own IRC client, we have provided this handy dandy Java IRC client you can use to join in the fun

Right now you have logged in with the user name Anonymous or something similar. In order for other IRC users (including the hosts of Technology Bytes) to be able to interact with you, you need to set a unique nick name.

To set your nickname on the channel type /nick nickname at the command prompt above
and change “nickname” to the name you want to use while chatting with us.
For example, if you wanted to use the nickname “bignerd” you would simply type
in the command /nick bignerd and then hit the Enter key.

To talk on the channel just type your message and hit the enter key.
That’s all there is to it!

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