Geek Gathering – Friday, July 1


We will be meeting at our regular hangout, Khon’s Wine Darts And Coffee located at 2808 Milam.

There’s plenty of free parking and Khon’s offers a great beer and wine selection with many dining options nearby.

The event starts around 7:30 and goes until ?

You don’t have to be a geek to attend. Heck, you don’t even have to be a current listener of the show. This event is a casual meet-up for anyone interested in technology or social media in all its forms and a great opportunity to just hang out with like minded individuals.

There is no need to RSVP, but if you have a Facebook account you can let us know you’re coming at the Facebook Event Page

We hope to see you there!



Your Facebook Echo Chamber Just Got a Whole Lot Louder

How To Break Open The Web

Mobile ransomware use jumps, blocking access to phones

Terror-suspect database used by banks, governments, has been leaked

Unwanted Windows 10 upgrade costs Microsoft $10,000

Why ISPs’ fight against net neutrality probably won’t reach Supreme Court

AI Downs Top Gun Pilot


Bite of the Apple

New Lightning headphone dev kit another sign hinting at a jackless iPhone

Rumor: Next-gen iPhone home button to incorporate Force Touch features

Why Apple’s switch to Intel Macs was so important, and so successful

Apple retires the Thunderbolt Display without announcing a replacement


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802.11ac Delivers MultiGigabit

There are already routers out for this. http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/07/multi-user-beamforming-is-here-in-270-1-7gbps-asus-wi-fi-router/

Independence Day: Resurgence: Like a high-budget porno, minus sex and fun


Weird Science

7 NASA discoveries that will blow your mind


Podcast For June 22, 2016



C-SPAN Is Using Periscope to Broadcast Because the GOP Killed Its Camera Feed

Taping down your internal computer microphone doesn’t work

Bright white LED street lights make you blue

Senate temporarily votes down controversial online surveillance expansion


Bite of the Apple

Rumor: 2016 iPhone to see subtle changes, 2017 model to feature dramatic design overhaul

Company That Sued Apple for iPhone 6 Patent Infringement ‘Barely Exists’

WSJ: Next iPhone ditches the headphone jack, other changes will be small

Headphone Jacks Are the New Floppy Drives


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NASA launches Apple TV app with streaming video, 15,000 image gallery

WD Battery Powered WiFi HD

Converse Bluetooth Guitar Pedal Sneakers

Rear Vision Backup Camera

Gamevice Makes Your iPhone a Portable Gaming Powerhouse

WiFi-connected hard drive fits a Plex server in your pocket


Weird Science

Lab-Grown Bones Successfully Implanted in Pigs

Boeing: “Legitimate chance” of Starliner launch in February 2018


Podcast For June 15, 2016


Technology Bytes Links – Jun 15, 2016


net neutrality court win

fcc wins the latest court round regarding net neutrality. escalation re-match almost certain. (phliKtid)

Executive says Facebook will be all video, no text in 5 years

Huge FBI facial recognition database falls short on privacy and accuracy, auditor says

They’re at it again: Senate panel votes to weaken net neutrality rules

Thousands of Hacked Government and Corporate Servers Selling for $6 on Black Market

Hack Brief: Russia’s Breach of the DNC Is About More Than Trump’s Dirt

Critical Adobe Flash bug under active attack currently has no patch


Bite of the Apple

MacOS Sierra First Impressions: What It’s Like to Use Siri on a Mac

Apple Is Building An Uberplatform Out Of All Its Platforms

iOS 10 update could make millions of iPads obsolete upon release

New file system spotted in macOS Sierra 


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‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ is a vast, open-world game

The Apollo 7 earbuds finally bring you true, cable-free music

Innovative table has embedded tech to cook, warm & chill food, all in one surface

Microsoft: Xbox One mouse and keyboard support is “months away”

The FDA just approved a weight-loss device that is super gross


Weird Science

Molecules in space may show how life formed on Earth

LIGO Has Detected Gravitational Waves for the Second Time

NASA’s room in space has expanded, but will it prove durable?


Podcast For June 8, 2016


Technology Bytes Links – Jun 08, 2016


Broadband CEOs Admit There’s No Real Reason For Data Caps Besides Boosting Profit

FAA Warns of GPS Outages This Month During Mysterious Tests on the West Coast

Why is securing the Internet of Things so difficult?


Bite of the Apple

Apple Supplier Already Shipping 13-Inch MacBook Pro Hinges for Future Update

Rumor: Apple to incorporate dark mode into iOS 10

Microsoft hosting WWDC ‘afterparty’ for iOS, OS X developers

Updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro With USB-C May Still Be Unveiled in June


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Bose’s Noise-Cancelling Wonder Headphones Go Wireless

Microsoft Planner is rolling out on Office 365



Slack could host your next conference call

‘Mr. Robot’ promo has you hacking a fake ATM

The Holy Trinity of Nike Design Made a New Shoe—for Converse


Weird Science

Gene-edited organisms aren’t ready for the real world

24 Tons of Towering Stone, Held Together With Compression


Podcast For June 1, 2016


Technology Bytes Links – Jun 01, 2016


A hacker explains why US nukes controlled by ancient computers is actually a good thing

The Media’s Obsession with Trump Isn’t Justified by Data

Intel’s ‘Kaby Lake’ Processors Still on Track for Late 2016 Launch

FaceTime, iMessages hang in the balance after Apple loss to patent troll

Hack Brief: Your Old Myspace Account Just Came Back to Haunt You

How the Top 5 PC Makers Open Your Laptop to Hackers

The PC upgrade cycle slows to every five to six years, Intel’s CEO says


Bite of the Apple

Thunderbolt Display Stock Limited at Apple Stores Ahead of WWDC

2017 iPhone May Include Enhanced Taptic Engine for More Complex Vibrations

Rumor: iPhone 7 to start at 32 GB of storage, Apple to drop 16 GB baseline

Rumor: Fifth-gen Apple TV could feature version of Siri being developed to compete with Amazon Echo

Would Apple reReally Change the Design Cycle for iPhone?

Rumor: iPhone 7, 7 Plus could see storage capacities increase to 256 GB

Apple’s 5K Thunderbolt Display Could Include Its Own Graphics Card


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Twitter’s Periscope Has A New Way To Deal With Trolls: Trial By Jury


For $6,500, you can fly in zero gravity with George Takei

HTC Vive may force my Oculus Rift to collect dust

Backpack VR PCs are now a thing: MSI, HP, and Zotac unveil new models


Weird Science

These Tiny Spacecraft Could Lead Us to Alpha Centauri

So far, so good for NASA’s new inflatable room in space

Tumor-killing virus nearly doubles survival time of brain cancer patients